Web 1.0 to Web 2.0: An Overview With Pictures!

As both a user and a web person, here is an unordered list of stuff I think sucks, with pictures and sometimes ideas to make it more better. Enjoy.


* Sites that open new windows or tabs without explanation

* Web forms that: A) I can't see the fields because they blend in with the background B) Have a tab order or layout that makes no sense C) Don't let you know how many pagesĀ or steps there are D) Won't let you press Enter to submit E) Type stuff in the drop down menu to avoid some scrolling

* Drop down menus that need complete precision or they disappear

* I like my status bar to display status and links when they are hovered over.

* Having to jump through hoops to download a file. Direct links with a note of file type and size is helpful.

* Flash. unless it's a video or game I choose to view/play. It should NEVER be used for navigation unless there is no other way. I LOVE and subscribe to Pandora.com radio, but I wish I could customize the way it looks with my own style-sheet.

* If a link goes to nowhere, does it really exist? Should it? What's for dinner? Where am I?

* Navigation that doesn't logically explain where to go or why. Example from my own site: My inactive gaming site Realms of Hyrule has links to Home and to News. Either can mean the same thing. In this case, Home goes back to the main site, lunaz.com, and News goes back to the gaming site, Realms of Hyrule. This will be fixed by the way. :)

* Un-needed mouse-over overlays such as the new google preview search thing. It's annoying enough on the desktop, now try it on a netbook or Ipod. The text description should be good enough.

* Not being able to scroll around youtube or some parts of google unless the mouse is in a certain place

* Having to scroll horizontally

* Navigation centered around HTML form elements like drop down menus or images. Why? Because CTRL+F doesn't work on those. Lists+CSS=Better!

* Using fixed designs that break when I have to make the font bigger. I do not want to see some artsy thing in 8pt taking up 400px\*400px in the middle of my screen, then when I mash CTRL++++++++++ some of it goes off the edge of the screen or that 400px*400px area.

* I do not want my mouse cursors changed, EVER. Let my OS do that for me. Sometimes I don't even know I can click something because my cursor doesn't turn into a hand, When my mouse is over text I like the I beam so I can see easer if I'm before or after a letter without having to try selecting it.

* The UM login system: I login to onestop.umt.edu with one ID and password then click Sign in to Cyberbear so I can use a different set of credentials:


I was never told to login to Cyberbear until NOW, so how can I fail it? Should just show the login prompt without the error.

* Oh and...



* Meaningless filler on a page. Space is MORE valuable than not-space. Examples are some forums where many images or signatures are allowed, or there are advertisements sprinkled throughout. See this theology debate forum and note how the actual content is way smaller than the flashy moving ads.


* Websites that play sound or music on loading. Unless it's obvious that's what should happen, please turn it off. Some people surf while at work or school and forget they have speakers...

* Buzzword filled documentation websites. I'm the most n00b programmer ever, and if I want to know how to do one stupid macro in Excel for work, I just want a quick well written explanation then an example to try, NOT a bunch of words I don't understand strung together randomly.

* Not dating original content and/or updates. Especially in documentation. I won't use somebody's wordpress or phpbb plugin if it's not clear to me which version it goes to or it was last updated in NO DATE FOUND. My gaming site's news page has the site's start date, and updates dated, linked and sorted descending.

* Sites designed only for search engines

* Business/Government/Non-Profit sites designed with no audience. Personal websites excluded.

Presentation of Information (general stuff)

* Blink, marquee

* Images when text will do or text when images will do

* Javascript REQUIRED to view main site content. This causes me to either: view source(hate this) or just leave.

* Low contrast text & background colors, best example: #c0c0c0 on #FFF. Get a piece of white computer paper, an ultra fine point gray(silver?) sharpie, write a whole page of text, code, or both. Now hold it up to the sun and try to read it. You're welcome!

* People who make no use of line breaks or blank lines.

* Text running to the very edges of the screen. I'm no designer, but SOME margin is good at least. :)

* Going in circles trying to get information. Best example of this century is umt.edu. This site is hard for me to use as a current/prospective student who: A) Wants to read a detailed class description and B) can't find it because there are none.