Dual Screens for Fun & Profit

Ok maybe not profit, unless I start selling character names from D2 on one screen while I play on the other. :)

The closest I ever got to dual monitors was having 2 old desktop computers, 2 old 19 inch CRTs, and 4 copies of D2. :) Did I mention summer & no AC? I'm surprised anything worked!

This setup is much cooler: one old 3.0ghz computer that's been given more RAM, Windows 7 & a new video card. No more CRTs! :)

I don't know yet how this will help/hurt my work. So far I have a hard time following the mouse between screens but I suppose this takes getting use to. I may check if it's possible to play a sound when moving between monitors and having the desktop show on both so I can hopefully move task buttons around.

Right now the mouse goes to the 2nd monitor when it touches the left side of the screen but I may change that if I can't get use to it. I use the keyboard to switch windows mostly but then sometimes the task order confuses me so I switch to mouse.



This is me not working!


If D2 runs on it, it's OK to have.


If I can read the screen without sticking my face on it, it's OK to have.